How does this work?

At checkout, include the message you would like the recipient to receive and the message will be turned into code which they will receive via snail mail. I will include an insert with the code key so they are able to decode your letter!


How long can the message be? 

For context, the letter in the product image is just over 100 words long/500 characters. I don't want to limit the fun but would be mindful with the decreased size of the symbols as more words are added and would advise caping it around 200 words. But please, enjoy writing and have at it!


If I am placing an order for three to get the bundle discount, how do I do that?

If you are ordering multiples, please make sure to write all the related details for each of them before adding to your cart. Once the three letters have been added to your cart, the discount of 20% will automatically be added to your purchase and you can continue to the checkout. The shipping address asked at that point of the purchase can be any of the three addresses, or yours, and the addresses inputted per order will take precedent over the shipping address inputted when you go to pay.


Will you read the messages? 

I have to manually input the messages into a document which I can then turn into code so naturally I will glimpse at the contents**. I respect your privacy and take confidentiality very seriously. I will not discuss the contents of or post your messages anywhere.


Are there any messages you won't send?**

Yes. Messages that contain hate speech and derogatory slurs will not be tolerated through this service. I reserve the right to cancel any order that contains these as I see fit. If you have questions or worries that an order might not be fulfilled, please contact me at hello@sendapostcode.com


Can you translate messages in languages other than English?

Currently, I am unequipped to translate in languages other than English into the code. The Anglo Saxon code correlates directly to the 26-letter Roman alphabet which means that accents and umlauts found in other languages, even that use the Roman alphabet as a base, present issues I am unable to manage at this point. 



I am constantly working to see how I can improve this service and if you have ideas on how to help me, I am happy to hear them at hello@sendapostcode.com




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